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Essential Oil Roll-ons
LoveAleta Soulwear

Essential Oil Roll-ons

$ 19.00
The Scent of Intention.
All-natural Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade essential oils combine with Reiki healing energy and love-filled Rose Quartz to help create a stronger bond between our mind, body + soul.
Blissful Blend: A calming and serene scent designed to bring grounding + joy.  
Fresh floral and lavender

Soul Nectar Blend: A warm and loving scent that encourages us to enjoy the present moment. 
Warm and relaxing, sweet floral with notes of lavender and vanilla

Refresh Blend: A refreshing, uplifting scent designed to focus the mind + bring trust to the Soul.
Refreshing mint blended with citrus and lavender
Choose your blend. You will receive one essential oil roll-on. 

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