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Authentic Meditation, Mala - LoveAleta Soulwear
LoveAleta Soulwear

Authentic Meditation Mala

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This Pure Rudraksha Seed Mala is the authentic traditional style 108-bead mala.

Rudraksha seeds are known to bring and create great healing energy. The beauty of the Rudraksha seed is their ancient wisdom and power. The Rudraksha have been known to offer great healing to those who practice meditation, mindfulness, and prayer. Rudraksha seeds get to know the energy of the wearer and in return shares protection with you. Rudraksha has been said to bring about many good energies, such as Fearlessness, Empowerment, Well-Being, Success, Power, Protection + Healing.
Hand-knotted on pure silk cord with a deep red silk tassel, signifying the grounding of the root chakra.


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