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Amethyst Copper Goddess
LoveAleta Soulwear

Amethyst Copper Goddess

$ 25.00

Amethyst: The Balance of a Goddess.

High-vibration Amethyst brings forth tranquility + serenity, enhancing higher states of consciousness + meditation. Amethyst is a highly protective stone, helping transmute negative energy into love. This stone is amazing in its way to either stimulate or calm the mind, whichever is presently appropriate. Amethyst helps to rid of over-indulgences or addictions. Amethyst is beneficial in focusing the mind + gaining deeper understandings. This stone helps assimilate new ideas + assists in decision-making. 

The beauty of a Goddess is her ability to balance all things within herself.

 Driftwood beads: Grounding + Adventurous, they are like curious travelers that gain the wisdom from the seas. Infuse them with essential oils to match your intention.

Smoky Quartz: A stone that grounds and anchors while also heightening vibrations during meditation. This stone helps neutralize negative energies, and allows for emotional calmness, bringing forth positive, pragmatic thoughts. 

Genuine Copper: A metal prized in Ayurveda for its beneficial properties. It holds energies of healing, love, prosperity, luck, power, balance & circulation. Copper heightens the properties of the gemstones and also acts as a conductor for pure energy. LoveAleta only uses pure copper, it will naturally mix with the oils of your skin and age in color transforming into a beautiful vintage hue.


*Crystal information is taken from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall - a truly amazing woman of Crystal Knowledge + Healing.
*Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Outcomes rely on the wearer.

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