Golden Perspective Stretch Mala
Golden Perspective Stretch Mala
Golden Perspective Stretch Mala

LoveAleta Soulwear

Golden Perspective Stretch Mala

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Goddess Rule # 6: Be aware of your perspective. There may be a better angle to see all the good that exists in each moment. 

Sunstone + Amethyst team up to bring sunshine and strength to your intuition. 


Sunstone helps us see the good in all; the sunshine in the rain, the daily over-looked happy moments, and those much needed silver-linings.

Amethyst helps us balance our emotions, bring healing to our mind and bodies and builds trust in our intuition. 

Copper brings energies of luck, health, abundance, joy, protection + assists our circulation.

Purple wild leather *if you desire vegan leather please comment at checkout!*


This 108 Mala is hand-knotted on stretch cord with a lotus charm, which represents strength + purity. 

LoveAleta Soulwear | Spiritual Jewelry, handmade in the USA.