The Sun Goddess Soul Mala

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The Sun Goddess Soul Mala

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Sunstone shines light on the joys in life, the bright side of things, the beauty + power in nature.

Amazonite assists in opening up the Throat Chakra for authentic self-expression + communication. 

Amethyst helps to balance emotions, allowing intuition to step forward, while offering trust and healing. 

Copper embodies the energies of healing, luck, protection, circulation, positivity, abundance + happiness. 

Crystal Quartz as the Guru, offering increased energy, assistance in boosting immunity, clarity, concentration + the amplification of other gemstone properties.  The tassel is wild suede (vegan options available per request). 

Hand-stamped Heart Chakra tag to remind your heart to always stay open. xoxo


"I Give My Soul Space

to Grow, Expand + Be Free."