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The Universe Bracelet Leather Strap
LoveAleta Soulwear

The Universe Bracelet Leather Strap

$ 39.00

As we create, the Universe e x p a n d s.
As we love, the Universe shares.
As we thrive, the Universe smiles.

 The Universe Mala Bracelet contains all different stones aligned in chakra sequence to offer balance + harmony. Each bracelet is hand-strung on sturdy stretch cord for a comfortable fit and easy wear. The Universe mala bracelets are all unique and Reiki-infused to awaken our natural healing process and encourage a harmonious life.
Wild Leather or Vegan Leather is used to offer grounding + freedom.  
Enjoy the Experience of an Authentic Mind, Body + Soul Connection,
with LoveAleta Soulwear.

Free US shipping.
Please choose your bracelet size. If you would like vegan leather please write in comment section at checkout. 

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