2017 Solar Eclipse Experience

2017 Solar Eclipse Experience

We are light seekers.

At times we may deny our own darkness, the sides of us we don't find particularly beautiful: the impurities, the judgments, the anger, the repeated mistakes.  Though we may deny them, they don't simply vanish.
The Solar Eclipse reminds us of the importance of darkness.
You can only be in a dark room for so long until your eyes adjust, and you naturally seek out crevasses of illumination...

The Solar Eclipse highlights the silver-lining of darkness... It's ability to REFOCUS our eyes to new light.

This new light can simply be a new perspective on an old belief, or a new way you see yourself as human; as a beautiful + non-perfect being with a limitless soul.  The balance between light and dark does not have to be equal. Like the Yin Yang symbol, there may be just a touch of darkness within the light, or vice versa.

Both must coexist.

It's the contrast that keeps the two from blending together + creating a grey world. It's our job to create the harmony + balance between them in our own experience.

Solar Eclipse Meditation:

1. In a safe place, somewhere you will not be disturbed, take a moment to get comfortable in an upright seated position.

2. Scan your body, for any tension, any tightness, and any discomfort that may be present.
Know that you are safe.

3. If you will allow yourself, take a moment to surface any undigested emotions, any stifled feelings that may exist, from today, yesterday, last week, last year, etc.

4. Take a few breaths and allow these emotions and thoughts to pass.

5. Now invite in the light.
example: "Please fill my entire being with only good, pure + healing white light."

Picture this beautiful vibrant white light pouring through the top of head and filling your entire body.  Allow this white light to push out and replace any darkness you may feel or see.

Take as many deep breaths as you need (through your nose and out your mouth) to fill up your entire body with light.

6. "Aham Prema"
I am divine love.

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