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February 20th, 2015

We believe that True Self-Expression is one of Life's greatest accomplishments.

What better way to honor the most beautifully-spirited woman known to my existence than to create healing, energy-flowing, love-infused jewelry? A smile bright enough to tempt The Sun to recruit her to join the Team of Eternal Angels; My mom is my brightest star, my constellation aligner, my Guardian Angel, my Solar Soul; my motivation. Join me in connecting to our centers, our Suns, our Souls. Bodies separate us, Love brings us together, and authentic creation raises our spirits. Good-Vibes, Big Smiles, Compassion, & Uncontrollable Laughter heals our hearts. Let's live as intended, together, as the Team of Earth Angels that we are.
Be a part of creating Good Intentions with LoveAleta Soulwear

"Live out of your imagination, not your history." -- Stephen Covey

I love that quote, & in order for me to live by it, I realized I had to recycle, filter, & cleanse some old energy that was weighing me down & holding me back.

Seeking to fill a void, eventually lead me through a journey of unpacking... When my life changed rapidly and drastically, I thought blankets and "comforters" would cover up the cold, protecting me from the harsh weather in my heart. The choice between "Love" and "Fear" always appeared so simple. "Right" and "Wrong" so concrete. But, when I was looking at a world that was no longer lit by the unconditional, warm, loving, bright & blissful light of The Sun, everything appeared dark. Artificial flash lights lit my roads for a while, batteries uncharged, and lenses too small. I was undetermined to step off a path already walked, always leaving my left foot on, the right foot causing friction on my journey, daydreaming... craving the emergence of confidence to venture off & explore. The loss of my mother who held all of my love, all of my energy, all of my light, all of my magic, will, motivation, purpose, worth, left me feeling empty.

I decided to open my eyes. And when they felt the fresh, cleansing air, I saw the most magnificent Sunrise known to the Universe. All at once, it warmed my heart, my body, my mind, my soul, and very very quietly my spirit began to sing again. Aleta, my mom, would never take my love, my energy, my light, my magic, my will, my motivation, my purpose, or my worth away from me, "away with her." I wanted to find it all again, I wanted to feel "normal," "loved," "beautiful," & "worthy." I thought of course there must be a treasure map to where I can buy these things, eat these things, imitate these things, borrow these things, and pretend to be these things and have it all back.

The last birthday card from my mom, for my seventeenth birthday about a month before she passed away, told me everything I needed to know to "Make a Beautiful Life, the Kind of Life You Deserve." One of the verses writes:
"There aren't any shortcuts to tomorrow, you have to MAKE YOUR OWN WAY.
To know where you're going is only part of it, you have to know where you've been, too.
And if you ever get lost, don't worry. The people who love you will find you. Count on it."

Those people who love me, have comforted me, supported me, guided me, and helped me to tear down the opaque shades I super-glued onto my window that looks out to the Sun. And now, each day and every night, I smile a good morning and a goodnight to the brightest star in our Universe, accepting its loving light into my life, nourishing my body, soul, mind, and future. My Spirit no longer needs a megaphone, it sings loud enough for its Universal Duet. 

Healing isn't a destination found through judgement, resentment, or negativity. It's a journey walked with love, compassion, optimism, and positive vibes. & Although pain is felt, love will always hold my hand and whisper "This Too Shall Pass." I just have to be quiet enough for the reminder. I'm finally allowing my right foot to lead the way.

2015, almost 6 years after my Ice Age on February 20th, I am busily and cheerfully unpacking all of these "things," that I consumed, and stuffed up into that void... Into that cavity that I assumed was present inside of my heart and soul. On top of those dusty choc-full boxes of emotions, repressions, resentments, bad habits, and limiting beliefs were shiny new boxes... that were filled to the brim with the same contents!..only more recent. I couldn't go externally to find my mom's light and love, I had to make room for it to have the ability to flow through my life & to allow myself to experience her existence. The box I'm opening now, is labeled "Aleta: Mom, Center, Sun, Love, Everything." This is my creative gift to her, with the love she continuously shares with me.

May this hand & soul-made jewelry bring you love and healing in your own journey, a light to seek fulfillment and balance. &, More than anything, may you feel the love infused in each piece, hand crafted and designed to spark Divine*Creation in your own life's journey. 

"Love cures people -- 
both those who give it, 
& the ones who receive it."
Karl. A. Menninger
With the Unconditional Love that flows through my Soul to Yours, Thank you for being a part of my Creative Journey, your support & love is more appreciated than you could possibly imagine.  
Thank you.
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Lots'a'Love Xo,
Justine @justinejiva