Soulwear Soirées!

Host your own LoveAleta Jewelry Party at your house, or book us as a vendor for your  Yoga Studio, Wellness/Fitness center, Meditation circle, or other event!

LoveAleta gives jewelry parties a new meaning! Soulwear Parties are filled with smiles, laughter, and gorgeous jewelry.  There will be unique one-of-a-kind jewelry items as well as all Top Selling &  Popular jewelry pieces from  A Variety of sizes will be available, and countless jewelry displayed by LoveAleta. Soulwear Parties can last anywhere between 2-5 hours depending on the clientele, if food and drinks are served, and how many guests attend the event.  
The Hostess/Host receives 10% of the total sales worth in Free LoveAleta Soulwear!

or call 1-(508) 317-1987
For More Information & Scheduling