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The Universe Mala
LoveAleta Soulwear

The Universe Mala

$ 149.00 $ 168.00

*Now you can choose your own Guru/Charm!*
This Mala has been manifesting for quite some time...

The Universe Mala | Uniquely Together as ONE.

The Universe is abundant with beautiful diversity, may we join in acceptance + create wholeness.

The Universe Mala has 108 different beads, each serving a very unique purpose. The stones are arranged in chakra sequence on both sides to assist in balancing our energy centers, as well as grounding through the earth and connecting to divine light.

The Guru is the Goddess of youth + creation. Silver pewter + wild-leather strapping
*Now you can choose your own!* 

Each is a one-of-a-kind Universe Mala. Hand-knotted and designed in the USA. 

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